Captive Princess: an adventure game

Captive Princess

The Princess is trapped in the tower, and the Knight is on a Quest to save her.

Everyone’s heard that story before. Everyone knows how this game ends.

But what happens when the Knight’s Quest fails? What if the only hope left is the Princess?

Can you save the Knight? Can you save yourself?


Evade your guards, explore the castle, talk to those you encounter along the way. Search for an escape. But be careful… the way out may prove to be stranger than you expect.

Captive Princess



(253 MB)


Captive Princess


Captive Princess creator credits:

Conjuror, programmer, puzzler, mastermind, mouse: Immicolia

Writer, bookworm, pedant, bird: Mary

CG artist, wizard, bee: Eris

Animal portraits: Natasha

Full credits available in the ReadMe file within the game download.

Made with RPG Maker VX Ace.



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