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Grizzly Guardian

Still reeling from her sister’s murder, Merryl retreats to Oregon with her nephew Sam. Building a new life for the pair of them is almost enough to distract her from her grief, especially when she faces the problem of how to help Sam learn what it is to be a bear shifter. With nowhere else to turn and no idea what to do, Merryl turns to her impossibly sexy and unattainable crush, Daniel.

Daniel just wants to enjoy small town life after a violent past, but if anyone can see through his gruff facade and battle scars, it’s Merryl. Helping Sam discover the cub side of his nature helps Daniel rediscover what it means to connect with those around him. For the sake of Merryl and Sam, Daniel will even return to his harrowing FBI work to help solve the murder and find them some peace.

Despite a strong mutual attraction between them, a major obstacle blocks their way, and it’s one that Daniel can never let Merryl know about: while his human side wants to support her as a friend while she puts her life back together, the bear in him knows with absolute certainty that he has found his fated mate.

Knowing how many emotional burdens Merryl is already coping with, Daniel carries this heavy secret alone. But can Merryl convince him that she’s tougher than he thinks, and can make her own choices? After each enduring so much cruelty and hardship at the hands of an unkind world, are the two of them still capable of love and trust?

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