FREE BOOK: The Viscount’s Prey: A Dark M/M Vampire Romance

The Viscount's Prey

Delivered by fate into a dark destiny …

Benjamin, a new lawyer in Victorian London, aspires to nothing more than a quiet, unremarkable life. When he is sent to Transylvania on business, he looks forward to demonstrating his steadfast and reliable nature.

Nothing prepares him for Vlad. The handsome, forceful viscount seems to cast a dark spell over his young guest. And then the dreams begin. Vivid, frightening, but strangely alluring, they are full of forbidden desires … and sharp white teeth at his neck.

Slowly seduced by the castle and its master, Ben must decide if escape is what he really wants. But if he stays, can he ever be more to Vlad than prey?

This 12,500 dark erotic romance features features submission, captivity, and scorching sex scenes, and is a perfectly wicked treat for a night’s reading.

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